Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HourlyRevShare withdrawal Request

So yesterday I tried to withdraw funds from my HourlyRevShare account, but I failed because of unknown reasons. Today I tried again and I succeeded! I requested a payout of $50.48 via my SolidTrust Pay account. 

Because of their 70/30 withdrawal rule I had a little over $16 in my repurchase balance so I immediately bought another ad pack :) 
So now let's wait and see if I get the money into my payment processor soon :)


  1. I heard in a member update for HRS that they are only processing withdraws on tuesdays every week. so if you failed on monday then that's probably the reason. HRS is great by the way!!

    1. Hi there!

      Yes, that was the reason. I posted the update here a few days back but I didn't remember ;P

  2. HAHA!! Have you ever considered ADDwallet? That is another program like this that is the same idea. They even just launched their own debit card where you can get your payments really fast!

    I don't know if you are in or not but if interested email me at robfraser33@gmail.com

    if you already are in then =P


    1. Yes, I've heard about it but I've not yet considered it.
      Thanks for your post ;)