Friday, April 26, 2013

HourlyRevShare update for April the 26th

Hi there friends :)

Just wanted to share with you the latest HourlyRevShare Update :)
Dear HRS Family,

Another rollercoaster week is behind us with technical challenges affecting performance and member mood in the Skype rooms. We are pleased to say that we are through the toughest times and now can look forward to smoother sailing ahead.

We are also delighted to welcome many new HRS family members, with over 4000 of you joining us since our last update. Great to have you with us!  Our member count is now almost at the 50.000 mark.
Congratulations to all of you who have introduced someone to HRS in the last few weeks; your referrals by now will be seeing the fruits of their efforts in building their accounts, and it’s wonderful to see the excitement of these new HRSers as they share it in the Skype rooms. Truly good for the soul!

You will have noticed that as things get busier and more members join and more work is needed behind the scenes; Moni and Connie are less visible in the Skype rooms. As much as we love hanging with you all, it’s also really important that we get on with those things that need to be completed. It’s not easy to balance both responding to members in PM and responding to tickets in HelpDesk. Connie has been fully occupied with attending to tickets and training new and existing support staff so that we can clear our backlog of unresolved tickets. Analie is completely immersed in payouts and trading, to the exclusion of virtually everything else. Moni is juggling Skype support with the help of her trusty Skype VA (Virtual Assistant), tickets and also other responsibilities that only she can attend to, like member account corrections (think LR/STP moves and fixing plans bought at the wrong level), newsletters (such as this one), working with our IT folks to keep the site working as well as possible in advance of our next server upgrade and also responding to individual member emergencies. 
So please understand that if you message one of us privately it could and will take some time for us to get back to you. We are doing the best that we can but the fact remains that we must keep our focus where it benefits all members. Individual issues can be resolved through the HelpDesk (we are training new support agents right now) and we look forward to reducing the response time significantly in the very near future. Currently there are 3500 open tickets, which are either pending a response from the member or some action from HRS staff. You can help us by marking your own ticket as resolved, if your issue has been taken care of by other means, such as through Skype.

Almost 1000 of those tickets will be closed very soon as Moni completes the LR/STP moves that are still pending, and STP Blocked Region tickets to be processed. If you had a ticket asking for your LR to be moved to STP and you were taken care of in the first move or this current move, but your ticket remains open, please go in and mark it resolved yourself. That will be a great help, thanks so much.

Please do not send tickets asking when your withdrawal will be paid.  There is no need to do this, simply be patient and it will come. Please also do not PM Moni or Connie to ask when you will be paid. This is an unnecessary waste of our and your time. Both of us have a ton of work on our hands right now, and as a result we are unable to respond to PMs from members asking about issues that are already addressed in the newsletters and updates posted in the Skype rooms. Please also do not PM asking for us to give preference to your payouts. Understand that it would be totally inappropriate and unprofessional of us to prioritize any one member’s payout over another, so please do not ask us to play favorites. Please just let us get on with paying everyone as quickly as possible, and work on those refinements that will allow us to optimize our payouts. Instead of reassuring members in PM that they will receive their payouts, our time is better spent updating pay processor details, resolving member issues and responding to tickets. Please help us to help you by using the proper channels to address your issues to which, in most cases, is the HelpDesk.


As of Monday, 29th of April, the and email accounts will be deactivated. All member support issues and queries must now be submitted via the HelpDesk. If you sent an email and have not had your issue resolved, please submit a ticket in HelpDesk so that we can track and resolve the issue for you. Please note that it is no longer necessary to submit a ticket asking for your pay processor details to be checked. Any accounts that had their 9th of April withdrawal refunded are now correct again and members can relax and not worry. In all cases, the reversed payouts were refunded back to the Rebates balance.

Now that our user data clean-up is seriously underway, you can look forward to faster payouts as we have fewer rejections. You can help us with this by checking your own details are correct, according to the following parameters:

1. STP – should be the username you use to login to the STP website
2. Perfect Money – your USD account ID, like U******* with UPPER CASE U at the beginning.
3. EGOpay – the email address for login to the EGOpay website, correctly configured with 1 x @
4. BankWire – there is no need for any data to be added in this field, it will be taken care of if you are a BankWire customer.

Please check your own back office and note whether the information you have provided matches what has been outlined here. You can see your Cashout Processor information on the Edit Profile page. Please note, in the event of any corrections needing to be made, you will need to submit a ticket to HelpDesk, choosing category Update Pay Processor ID.  We will resolve your request quickly before the next withdrawal window opens.

On the subject of withdrawal windows, should you encounter a message when you try to withdraw from STP that your details are invalid, please send a ticket immediately. We monitor HelpDesk in real time during the time that the withdrawal window is open, so that we can update your cashout processor within minutes and you can attempt to withdraw again.

So here’s the news you have all been waiting for – the Relaunch of the PIF! Just ironing out last minute bugs; the security feature is working in our testing environment, but not on our live server for some reason. Our programmer is working on fixing that, and then we will be able to launch. All going to plan, we will relaunch PIF on April 28th.

The new security feature is a 5 digit ID Pin, which is self-selected by each member. This PIN will NOT be retrievable through the site. You will need to memorize or keep safe your ID Pin, away from your computer. If you forget it or lose it, you will need to contact Moni through the HelpDesk to retrieve it. There will be a verification process involved in getting it back; we are still working on the fine points.

This ID PIN is a permanent PIN and will be used to identify you for more secure actions on the site in the future. One potential use is to allow us to return the ability to update email and pay processor details to members, thus freeing up HelpDesk for more complicated issues and eliminating the wait for members altogether. We may use it for withdrawals at some point. These things are under discussion at this time, theory only for now.

Steady progress is being made on these now, although due to Tuesday withdrawals, priorities shifted back to pay processor username updates for that time. We expect to have all completed by the weekend. After that we can start addressing those accounts where STP is not available to the member, due to their geographic location and STP restrictions on access. Our Indonesian family members received great news this week that STP was again readily accessible to them, so we would invite all members resident in Indonesia to review your tickets and decide whether you still require any changes to be made to your account. If not, please mark your ticket RESOLVED. This will close it and relieve some pressure on our overworked HelpDesk staff.


This week, we have launched a campaign to clean up the Banners and Text Ads database. Inappropriate banners will have the credits deducted and returned to the account, and will then be removed from the database. If you have posted inappropriate material and we have removed them from your account you will be notified by email explaining why. If you repost the same offending banners after being notified, you risk a minimum one-week account suspension. Moni will be publishing Banner Ad Code of Ethics as soon as they are ready, target timeframe being early next week. This should eliminate any confusion over what is and is not appropriate advertising for the HRS rotator.

I’d like to give a reminder at this time for all members to please check what you are advertising and remove banners that advertise any failed programs. Also, please understand that there is no point in Advertising HRS on the HRS rotator. The only people who will see your ad are already all members, so better to use your credits to promote something else.

During the past week, we were contacted by STP advising us that they had received complaints that we were not paying or paying selectively. We worked with STP and provided them with all the information they requested, Analie had a meeting with Stella Hiemstra, CEO of STP, and the outcome is that STP have no issue with our business systems or our practices and are 100% behind HRS. We are delighted with our association with STP and look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship.
Very special thanks go to Dr Lieven, who graciously assisted us by also communicating with STP. Dr. Lieven, thank you so much for your help and support.

Analie is pleased to report that payouts are going more smoothly this week, with fewer invalid accounts. It’s not yet perfect, still a number of accounts with invalid usernames requesting payouts bogging down the system, but its better than last week for sure.

At the time of sending this newsletter, Analie has processed 65 – 70% of requests for 16th of April. Moni has not been involved in payouts for the last couple of weeks due to other responsibilities and also due to our trial to establish whether payouts can be completed by one person in the time frame specified.

Now the LR/STP project is drawing to a close, Moni will return to helping with payouts in the next few days. Our trial has shown that even with the reduced number of withdrawals, it is still too much for one person to process all payouts quickly like we want to be paying you. Moni’s return to payouts will allow us to pick up momentum and speed to get your payouts out to you faster. 

Just a reminder at this juncture, that while some members were still able to request a second transaction, enabling them to withdraw from both commission and rebates, any who have done so will have their second transaction refunded to their rebates wallet. It appears that this only happened with a few accounts, thankfully, and our programmer has since rectified the error that allowed those additional withdrawals to be requested. If you did withdraw both commissions and rebates, please expect the second transaction to be reversed. The rule is one (1) cashout request per member per week. It’s up to you to decide where is taken from. But 1 means 1.  Any additional requests will be refunded to your rebates wallet.

We are seeing much panic and consternation relating to payouts, with some members being very worried and frightened due to recent failed payouts. Moni’s Skype is overloaded with PMs from members seeking reassurance that they will be paid. There are a couple of things to say about this.

We understand that many of you are nervous in light of the issues we have faced in the last two weeks. Especially when one considers that there have been other significant industry losses in recent times.
However, we have always done our level best to keep the communication open and demonstrate that we are constantly paying out, while dealing with factors that hinder us from time to time. We are a new and young business, growing at a rapid rate in the hands of a genuine, honest and ethical admin. This business is a success story, and all we need to grow it into something that will be around for years is your patience, understanding and support.

For Analie, this is her first program, so we need to be mindful that this is a massive learning curve for her also. She has nothing but the best intent in her heart to provide us with a sound and solid income for the foreseeable future. Is HRS perfect?  No, not by a long shot. We don’t profess to be. But what we are is genuine and family oriented. We are learning from mistakes as we go, like any “youngster”. We are “growing up” in the hands of our members; you are raising us to be strong and resilient, like good parents should. Please remember we are still “new kids on the block” and need your patience and support, not your panic.

Panic has never achieved anything for anyone. It brings out the worst in people and is to nobody’s benefit. It’s an insidious poison, like snakebite. The only thing that happens as a result is that you feel dreadful and make bad judgment calls.

Patience, on the other hand, has many rewards. Success, prosperity and relaxed state of mind are just 3 of those benefits. How you handle your own reaction sets an example for your organization. For those of you who sponsor large numbers of referrals, your posture and dignity needs to be rock-steady. That takes work, determination and guts. We’d like to take a few moments here to acknowledge all the leaders out there, who are supporting large teams. We appreciate the work you do, especially during times where referrals are nervous and in need of extra support. You have our respect and admiration.

Last words should go to all the positive, loving and supportive members who hang with us in the Skype rooms. We appreciate you and love your positive rays of sunshine more than you will ever know. You are our greatest blessing.

With much love and respect

Analie, Moni, Connie and all the Crew

I really like the updates from HourlyRevShare as those really seem to be very honest written. My last payout took 7 days to be paid out. They are telling that this has improved... let's wait and see what happens :)

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