Saturday, May 4, 2013

Important updare for HourlyRevShare

Hi there friends!

Just wanted to share with your the new update from HourlyRevShare:
Dear HRS Family,

Normally it's either me or Moni who writes the Newsletter, but before
I share some Updates on the PayOuts of the Withdrawals, I want to
insert a part that was written by our entrusted Dr. Lieven.

“Dear Fellow HRS Friends

Thank You Analie, for letting me share a few words with all the Members
and for the privilege for revealing this next Truly Amazing News.

Topping 50,000 in membership, and close to the 2,000 Alexa Mark
(that means we're part of the 2,000 Most Visited Websites in the World)
HourlyRevShare™ has seen tremendous growth in the first few months.


What started out as the dream and manifestation of one woman’s idea to develop a Practical Way to Empower and Serve Humanity Globally, has quickly outgrown the capacity of any one person to maintain.

Bringing Moni onboard for HRS Member Services, and adding Connie and the Help Desk Support Team, and over 20 Skype Rooms with all the great help of the Moderators, even the beautifully Newly Designed Site,...
...all have been the right FIRST STEPS to enhance and improve Member Experience, Ease of Use and Member Support.


Now it’s time for the NEXT STEP - an Upgrade TRANSFORMATION and Upgrade RESTRUCTURING, to lay new foundations for the Next Phase of HourlyRevShare™ - we can call it HRS-II.
HRS-II is to be a Stronger, Regenerated Platform that can serve and also sustain not only our current membership, but will be Robust and Stable to also WELCOME and ACCOMMODATE hundreds of thousands of NEW members who will be joining us both immediately and over time.


First and foremost, as many have expressed, Analie needs to be able to take a much needed and well deserved BREAK, to Recharge and Refresh.

It has been over 3 Months that I have urged Analie to TAKE A BREAK and allow herself to STEP BACK and RELAX for a few days. And almost every week, Analie would promise me: "Soon Doc, very Soon... perhaps already next week!". Well... every week, it's been "One Thing" and the following week, it's been "Another Thing". That is how Dedicated this Lady really is.


And as many of you know, Analie not only manages the HRS Membership, but she also does her Expert Forex Investing, and she negotiates the best Advertising Revenue and Profits with all the Different Advertising Partners, all of which constitutes the Profits that are shared by all of you. Plus, she has 2 beautiful Children - who deserve and want the attention of their Mom.
What a Professional Juggling Act that must be.

Did you know that since the early onset of HRS (back in December 2012) that Analie HAS NOT TAKEN ANY VACATION?

So... NOW  (and I do really mean "RIGHT NOW")

                it is TIME for Analie to take some "ANALIE-TIME"

And in spite of what some of the Pessimistic Critics for sure will cook up, don't worry - Analie will NOT take Your Money and secretly "Ride off into the Sunset". Analie has already well proven her Integrity and Honesty.


This is a 2 Week Break, which will include:

Analie will come to Ireland and will have access to some of the finest Spa Treatments and UnStressing Techniques

b) Phase Two: to BRAIN-STORM with Several of the Leaders in HRS, via VideoConference. And the plan is that Moni will also fly in from New Zealand, to meet and Join with Analie.

c) Phase Three: to make all the Final Decisions for the UPGRADE to the New, Improved and Empowered HRS-II


Below, Analie will share a few words,
regarding the Withdrawals of the 16th.

However, Withdrawal requests for the 23rd and 30th will just wait. And I know that some folks will get all upset about this - and for sure the Rumor mill will have a hay day again... but THIS IS NECESSARY to be able to allow Analie (who is our Head Leader) to "TAKE A FEW DEEP BREATHS" and then Pick things Up again with Renewed Power and Strength.


Now... these 2 Weeks will not just "Silently or Obscurely" Happen behind the curtain, where you're left in the Dark, to Worry and Wonder... instead - as of Phase Two (which will probably coincide with Week 2 of the Break) there will be ongoing Briefings via Newsletter and Skype Rooms.

                              And... somewhere in Week 2
                                   (date to be announced),
                       we will finally ENJOY ALL TOGETHER
                         a HUGE LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST
                         and WEBINAR with Analie, herself.

(by that time, Analie will be so Refreshed and Relaxed, she will be Full of Energy and Radiance again - and feel like she felt, when she started)

And with Moni also here, in Ireland - she too will be live on the Webinar.
So, we will make it a Huge Online Virtual "Celebration" and the ideal setting to "unveil" and share with all of you, the NEW HRS-II.

We will be back shortly in full support of the HRS mission, to continue to serve the membership and facilitate significant positive change in the lives of those individuals who share the HRS vision.

Everything will be paused:

              The Regular site will be Visible - but only the NEWSLETTER.
        The Account Management will be temporarily inaccessible
        Help desk will be temporarily inaccessible (you will see why)
Scheduled and impromptu updates will be announced via Newsletter and in the Skype Chat rooms. Aside from these official announcements, the Skype rooms will be NEWS-MODE only.


               Your Funds are perfectly safe
               Your Accounts are perfectly safe
               Your Ad Packs will not age, but no value will be lost

When we unpause:

               HRS 2.0 will be released
               Full site functionality will return
               Ad packs will begin ticking again
               Fresh Payments will resume
               Help Desk and Support will be available 24/7

Thank You Analie for letting me share this part of the NewsLetter, and also for allowing me to be "Your Wellness Host" to Welcome you to Ireland.

I know... and on a Deep Heart Level... I trust and KNOW that HRS is not only "FINE"... but is METAMORPHOSING (re-shaping) into what will no doubt become One of The Leading Home Business Programs on the Web.

With Kind Regards,
Dr. Lieven


As promised, here is the latest status of 16th April withdrawal payout progress:

      Completion Level:   80%,  approx. 1500 - 2000 payouts remaining
      Completion Date:   9th May, Midnight server-time (London time)

DID YOU KNOW........

This week alone, already over $1 Million in payouts for the 16th??
Tuesday:  $200K
Wednesday: $300K
Thursday:  $500K


This week, HRS will KISS the 52000 member mark.....
as of the time of this newsletter, we stand 51930 family
members STRONG! Welcome to ALL new members who
have joined us since the last newsletter and congratulations
to all sponsors who have shared the blessing of HRS with
these lucky people. BIG Thumbs UP to you!

Please please please do NOT email, skype PM, FB PM
Moni, Analie, Connie or the Dr about your payout.
Please do not put extra pressure on anyone, taking
 time away from getting on with business. 

In closing, I would like to thank you all for your kindness
your patience and the love and support you continue to
show Moni and myself, day after day, week after week.
You have no idea how much this means to us, to me in

Yours, with much love and respect

Ok, so now HRS will sop working for some days so there will no access to the back office and the as packs will not earn us money and will restart earning again when HRS re-launches. My withdrawals for the 23rd and the 30th will have to wait till the re-launch as well.
I hope this all works out fine and we will be back in the game soon.

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