Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Info about HourlyRevShare

Hi there friends!

Just wanted to update you about HourlyRevShare with a message I got from one of the Skype rooms:
[18/05/2013 17:01] Just an FYI reminder from the helpdesk

Regarding the current status of the HRS website.

Several points to note:

Ad packs are continuing with normal behavior but the site pause means that the accrual is not currently reflected in the dashboard balances.  All of your balances will automatically update to current upon your first login following the officially lifting of the site pause.

Any current appearance of abnormality in dashboard details should be reevaluated following your first login after the site pause is officially lifted. 

Payments for withdrawal requests are going out for April 16, 23, and 30.

Each withdrawal request is treated as a separate transaction; payments will not be combined.

The Recent Payments list on the site is only a partial list of the actual payments completed in any given time period. Your payment(s) and those of your team mates may or may not be included in that partial listing. Usernames shown there are partially xx'd out for privacy and security reasons.

Information shown in the Recent Payments list cannot be extrapolated to assume daily totals regarding payment processors, number of payments or dollar amounts. Actual figures are not disclosed.

We are not able to provide payment status information on an individual basis, nor can we accelerate or cancel payment requests.

All site and program status updates will be posted in the NEWS section on the site as they become available.
Fingers Crossed ;)

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