Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update about the HRS Pause

Hi there friends!

Just got this update from the HourlyRevShare admin:
Automated Payments!

We have been testing semi-automation for paying the withdrawal requests and it’s going very well. Now we are ready to go live!

This new system will take all of the pending requests and process them according to established parameters to coordinate with daily payout budgets.

Say what?


Each day has a payout budget. On any given day, the script might  fill the budget with smaller amounts, the next day with larger amounts, another day, it may be a wider spread and include some smaller and some larger amounts.  Requests will be paid totally randomly within this structure.

The withdrawals currently pending from the 16th, 23rd and the 30th will be treated as one big batch. This means that as the script compiles the daily payout batches, the dates can be mixed. You might find you get paid for the 30th before the 23rd. You might find you receive all of your outstanding payments on the same day. You might find you have 3 payments come in one each on different days through the next 2 weeks. It is purely random, based on the script compiling the batches to match the daily payout budget.

This mixing of dates is only for the next two weeks, till all of the currently pending withdrawals are processed. Beginning with the May 21st withdrawals, there will only be one withdrawal date in consideration for each payout period.

Projections indicate that payments for all currently pending withdrawals can be completed within the next 2 weeks. In the case of invalid payment processor ID’s or payment processor accounts that cannot receive the funds transfer, additional time will be required to address these manually.

While this is much more efficient than doing the whole thing manually, we have to remember it is still not instant. Someone will be first, a whole bunch of people will be in the middle, and someone will be last. Comparing who gets what each day will not be a predictor of who will get what the next day, but each day will bring more payouts and more smiles. Feel free to dance if you like. We will all receive our payments and this particular bottleneck will be behind us.

To recap what will and will not be available for the next two weeks:




New withdrawals

Rebates posting. When site reopens, rebates will calculate and post up to date on login.


Not paused:

Purchasing of new ad packs

Payouts of existing withdrawal requests


Once again, we thank you all for your continued support and encouragement and patience as we work through growing pains to keep HRS strong and thriving for our ever expanding family.

With much love and respect,

Analie Steinway
Cool they've added this auto payment feature. I'm curious to see when I'll receive me two pending withdrawals ;)
So our rebates will be posted again once the HRS pause is over.
Fingers Crossed !! ;)

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