Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 3 in Hourly Rev Share

Woke up about an hour ago and just logged into my email account to find this:
Dear Juan Camalich,

This Email is to notify you that your account has been credited with Referral Commission.
You can find the transaction details below.

  • Date: 2nd Mar 2013
  • Time: 11:36:05 0 GMT
  • Transaction# 549474 
  • Downline User: univers
  • Amount: $0.3
  • Memo: univers Purchase Shares of $5.00 Level (1)
Further details and stats can be found in your account, if you have any Question Please Contact us. 
So it seems like yesterday I got my first referral who bought 5 shares. As I'm in the basic level I earn 6% commission on my referrals purchases: this makes $0.30 from the $5 my referral bought :) Cool, huh?

So I just logged into my Hourly Rev Share account and checked out my stats:
So you I think that in the next hour I'll be able to buy another share of $5 :) This will increase slightly my hourly earnings. Will post it if I succeed ;) Otherways I'll do it tomorrow!

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