Sunday, March 31, 2013

Important update from HourlyRevShare Admin

Hi there!

Just wanted to shere with your this important update I've received a few hours ago from the HourlyRevShare admin. It's quite long to read but I think that many of the mentioned topics are important; I also cut out some text:
As we have had such strong growth and a couple of curve-ball issues in recent weeks, we have had to step up how we manage support issues. Our original support email accounts and online forms are no longer either efficient or adequate to deliver the level of service you deserve. To allow us to deliver better quality support, we have implemented our new Helpdesk portal. This will from now on be the primary channel for submitting support requests. We will disband the email accounts and current contact forms on the site and in a day or two will redirect our current Contact Us link to the new Helpdesk....

LR/STP balances are now moved for most people. If your account has not been moved, and you have not yet submitted a ticket, please do so. A few members have reported being missed, so we want to hear from anyone whose balances have not yet been migrated to STP.

We have set up a new topic on our Helpdesk, to collect your information.

LR/STP Not Complete – this is for members to report that their LR balances have not been completely moved. If yours have not migrated at all, or only partially migrated, or you are still seeing growth in your LR balances, please choose this topic.

LR Negative Balances – If you are currently seeing negative balances in your LR wallet, this is simply an indication that you were in credit in your LR wallet. It does not have any bearing on any other wallet.
I will be removing the LR wallet from the Available Balances table as soon as possible, to avoid any further confusion.

STP Not Supported – Alternative Processors
For those members in countries where STP is not available, we will move your STP balance to either EgoPay or Perfect Money. If you have not already done so, please submit a ticket and choose the category  STP Blocked Regions. We will try to accommodate your preference, but we reserve the right to move it to the other option, if necessary. This option applies to all members who are in STP blacklisted countries and residents of the US States of Virginia, Arkansas and North Dakota.

As I write this, LR refunds are still to be started. I’m sorry that this has not yet been addressed, but want you to know it has not been forgotten. If you requested a refund, but have not received it, and your LR balances are still intact, please submit a Helpdesk ticket under the category Liberty Reserve Refunds. If you already have a ticket, you need do nothing.

In an effort to shore up security surrounding the Pay It Forward function (formerly Upgrade Referral), we have temporarily disabled the PIF tab, until we have added extra security features. Anyone wanting to PIF a referral or other member will need to contact Moni or Connie to have this facilitated. Please be aware that we may need to request your HRS password in order to do this transaction on your behalf. If you are not comfortable in doing so, we understand, and would advise that you choose to send your referral funds to their pay processor account instead.

Many of you seem unaware that we have IP PIN protection available in your profile setup. This is a feature that is designed to keep unwanted “visitors” out of your back office – please use it. When someone tries to access your back office from an unknown IP, the system will send a PIN to your account registered email. Unless they have access to your email account, an intruder will not be able to enter your account. A double-barreled approach to security would be to use a 2-step verification protected Gmail account and setting your IP PIN to “enable”. If you wish for your profile to be updated with a Gmail address, please submit a Helpdesk ticket and choose the category Gmail Updates. If you are not currently IP PIN Enabled, please provide us with a Gmail address BEFORE you enable it. Many, many email providers are not delivering our mail, but Gmail is consistent and reliable, although our mail does go to Spam first.

In the near future, HRS will be introducing SMS verification and even more robust “green bar” SSL protection.

Initial feedback from members about the cap on withdrawals is predominantly positive. 98% of you are accepting and to a great extent, supportive of this temporary measure to help us through the LR debacle. I’d like to clarify what the caps actually are, as in our last newsletter it was not made as clear as it should have been.

Each member may request withdrawals of up to $1000 from rebates and $1000 from commissions, from each pay processor, per day. That is a net withdrawal of $1649 per processor per day. A $1000 withdrawal from rebates will allow for a $300 Premium plan to be purchased from your Repurchase balance straight away.

With the weight of LR withdrawals now shifted to STP, it is taking longer to process payouts. STP accounts for a large chunk of our payments processing, and although I am trying my level best, it’s just not possible to process all payouts in the shorter timeframes we have all been used to. In our FAQ, it states that we undertake to process all withdrawals within 48 – 72 hours. Currently, the timeframe is 72 - 96 hours for STP, Egopay & Perfect Money. I expect to see this reduce in coming days as Moni and I get on top of the backlog.  We’re working as best we can, and processing payouts constantly and as fast as humanly possible, so if there is any delay, please relax your turn will come soon. We are not paying selectively, here is how it works:
The script produces reports for me in A-Z username order. I re-order these in date order, and set the batches to payout. In recent days, I have not always taken the time to sort requests chronologically, in favor of getting the batches queued. So that is why it seems at times that there is no sensible order. STP, EgoPay and Perfect Money are being paid daily, STP at regular intervals throughout the day and EgoPay and Perfect Money every 12 hours.

The way the Recent Payments are displayed on the site are according to date of payment, not the day they were requested. They are reported with the largest sums withdrawn first, graduating to smallest payouts.


Effective from today, our payment days are reviewed to business days only. Saturdays and Sundays are now “off days” and withdrawals may only be requested during business days. We will continue to process payouts as usual throughout, but new requests will not be accepted on weekend days.

Since HRS started, we have been paying round the clock. The only thing that is permanent in life is change. Those changes are implemented for the long-term stability of HRS. Those who love stability will embrace it, those who do not will fight change but one thing is sure, these measures are for stability and sustainability.

I’m truly humbled at the level of support and kindness from those members who continue to send in donations to help make up the LR loss. Running out of ways to express my gratitude. Thank you all so much.

HRS is getting some “bad press” online at the moment, with the fallout and disruption caused by the LR theft taking effect. The unavoidable slowing of payouts as a result of the additional workload have given some folk the idea that we are withholding payments and that HRS is in trouble and on the way out.

Nothing could be further from the truth, we are still rock solid and will continue to be, it’s just a matter of managing our way through these trying times. What we need most is your support and your patience. We are working very hard and very long hours behind the scenes to make improvements in our service delivery and our support. Our reputation is of the utmost importance, without it… well, it’s unthinkable. We are family, so let’s pull together and support one another and help HRS and you to continue to grow and prosper. Together we can do it. All we are asking for is your patience and positivity and we can all look to a bright and wealthy future. Our members ARE HourlyRevShare, be as proud of us as we are of you and let’s thrive together.

With much love and respect,

Analie Steinway

So from now on I'll need to change my withdrawal strategy; I wanted to repurchase from Monday to Thursday and then accumulate my earnings from Friday to Sunday and request a withdraw that same day. As from now on withdrawals won't be accepted on weekends I'll move my withdrawal day to Monday and my repurchase days will be from Thursday to Friday. 
I hope they soon process my first withdrawal, as it is still pending since the 24th of March ;)

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