Monday, March 18, 2013

Newest HourlyRevShare update

I just got this new Hourly Rev Share update a few minutes ago. HRS is really growing fast and right now we are over 32000 members strong!
Here is the email:
Dear HRS Family,

HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY! Especially to all our Irish HRS family over there on the Emerald Isle….. oh! And by the way… latest head count? 32810 members (resounding applause)

We are well down the track of moving the LR balances and ad packs to STP in every affected member’s account; by the time you read this it should just about be done. To be on the safe side, please allow 24-48 hours, as we have to verify and move one by one. We expect to be able to complete the Shift stage within 24-48 hours, after which time we will commence the refunds process.

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we’ve gone through this process. It would, of course, have been much better that we had not needed to, but needs must, in the interest of everyone’s security, including that of HRS. We know that some members are unhappy about the decision to migrate to STP, but it was needed in order to accommodate the greatest number of members.

In an effort to shore up security surrounding the Pay It Forward function (formerly Upgrade Referral), we have temporarily disable the PIF tab, until we have added extra security features. Anyone wanting to PIF a referral or other member may request to do so by contacting Moni on Skype hrs_member_services, and adding PIF REQUEST in the message box of your Add Contact request.

I will be able to identify these quickly and process them for you, so be sure to include:

1. Username of person being PIF
2. Processor to PIF from
3. Amount to PIF
4. Sponsor Username

Sometime today, I will be applying SSL protection to the site. This will take us another step closer to protecting member accounts from unauthorized access. Many of you seem unaware that we have IP PIN protection available in your profile setup. This is a feature that is designed to keep unwanted “visitors” out of your back office – use it. When someone tries to access your back office from an unknown IP, the system will send a PIN to your account registered email. Unless they have access to your email account, an intruder will not be able to enter your account. A double-barreled approach to security would be to use a 2-step verification protected Gmail account and setting your IP PIN to “enable”.

In the near future, HRS will be introducing SMS verification and even more robust “green bar” SSL protection.

Many members’ lives are changing due to their HRS membership; that’s such a heartwarming thing to know. But without you, we couldn’t do this. Everything we achieve is due to your support and collective loyalty. Your love and support is what makes HRS possible.

You must all be aware by now, that we have had some serious ‘curveballs’ thrown at us in recent times.
Despite this, we have focused on getting through and getting on and your support and loyalty has helped us tremendously.
A few weeks back, our .com domain was stolen, we never broke.
This week our Liberty Reserve account had funds stolen, we never broke.
We are trying our level best and proving ourselves day by day, adding features and improving customer experience for everyone.
No effort is being spared, Moni and I and our team working hard to deliver you the best business you could wish for. The doors of prosperity are opening and we are stepping forward, day by day, and it’s all possible due to the member’s love and support. We are truly honored to serve you.

I’d like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the many well-wishes and also the astounding number of donations that have flooded in since we published the last newsletter. I’m truly humbled and awed by the generosity and love shown me by the HRS family, especially those who took the time to write me a personal message of support and those who have opened their hearts and wallets and sent financial support. Words fail me to adequately describe how honored and blessed I am to be serving such a warm, protective and loyal membership…. You truly brush away the clouds and make my heart sing. Words just aren’t enough to express my gratitude at such support. So I will simply say, “thank you”.

If you remember vividly, we said HRS has seven lives and until all seven is snuff off, HRS will not go down. Our core mission is to help as many people as we can earn decent passive income especially in this period of economic downtime. We remain resolute and even more determined to deliver accordingly.
Thank you so much for your support and loyalty.

With love and respect.

Analie Steinway
So as you can see from this update the Hourly Rev Share Admins are really taking things seriously and working hard to keep this opportunity life! :) Increasing security for the members sake... Lets hope they also keep up with the payments :)
I expect my Liberty Reserve shares changing over to STP in a few hours time, according to this update, so I can start earning money again from these. Already quite a few days without earning money from them which is slowing me down to reach my goal of making it to $10 per day. 

By the way, I haven't posted this yet but I purchased two more $40 shares two days ago 8)
HourlyRevShare share purchase history

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