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Earnings in HRS 2

Hello Frineds.

Here is the HourlyRevShare update about the earnings percentage i the new HRS-2:
Hi Everyone,

As promised, today we are going to discuss “The Earnings Percentages”

In HourlyRevShare, we have 3 Vital Benefits for you, which are:
  1. Powerful Advertising Value (which I will discuss in a next Tutorial)
  2. Sharing in a Profit Pool (based on Advertising and Forex Trading)  today
  3. Significant Referral Commissions (for sharing 1 and 2 with others
Today, we will concentrate on the 2nd benefit: Sharing in the Profit Pool,and in the days ahead we will address – in detail - also the 1st and the 3rd benefits.

1. The 3 Different Levels:  Basic  /  Premium / VIP  -  Minimum Purchase Levels

Each Level has its own Entry Requirement – which most of you are already familiar with:
  • Basic        - requires a minimum purchase of $ - 10
  • Premium  - requires a minimum purchase of  $ - 300
  • VIP           - requires a minimum purchase of $ - 1,000
We will most likely Raise these minimums as we move ahead  - but for right now we want you, who are mostly the former HRS-1 Membership, to be able to have an “HRS-II Founders Advantage” allowing you to still purchase at these Lower Entry Levels (for a Limited Time only).
The next estimated RAISE in minimums will be:
  • Basic        - will require a minimum purchase of $ - 100
  • Premium  – will require a minimum purchase of $ - 1,000
  • VIP           - will require a minimum purchase of $ 5,000
Use this Limited Time of this “HRS-II Founders Advantage” well, and let your friends know – those are ready - to join us now!
We know that HRS-II will come to “Shine out” as a Brilliant Star in the Market Place. Once we have proven that we’ve successfully made the Transition from HRS-I to HRS-II, once everyone experiences prompt payouts and prompt & Courteous Support, then HRS-II will have become an Irresistable Proposition (or as some say, a No-Brainer).

Right now, we fully understand that it takes the Courage of a Group of people who are Pioneers, Entrepreneurs with Wit and Wisdom – who can “smell a good thing” ahead of when the masses will find out.
When we have all the HRS-II pieces in place and we’ve got it all rolling like it should… we will then let some of the best professionals in the world make a Viral Marketing System for HRS-II, with Videos, Flash Movies, with Doorway Pages, Autoresponders, and Invitations to Intro-Webinars, etc. which will catapult us from 60,000 Members to well over 600,000 Members.  But it’s not the right time yet for that. First we want to Prove to you what we are made of and what we are capable off.

1. The 3 Different Levels:  Basic  /  Premium / VIP - the Minimum Purchase Levels

Based on the new percentages, the new hourly commission percentages should be as follows:
This is another Modification that has been implemented  in order to strengthen the Vitality and the Longevity of HRS-II  (this is on the PREMIUM = 4.25% and VIP = 4.50% ).

• Basic: 
  • pays      0.167 % hourly for 24 hours
  • that is   4.00 % daily for 30 Business Days (Mon-Fri)
  • that is   120 % return upon completion (42 Calendar Days)

• Premium:
  • pays      0.177 % hourly for 24 hours
  • that is   4.250 % daily for 30 Business Days (Mon-Fri)
  • that is   127.5 % return upon completion (42 Calendar Days)

• VIP:
  • pays      0.1875 % hourly for 24 hours
  • that is   4.5 % daily for 30 Business Days (Mon-Fri)
  • that is   135 % return upon completion (42 Calendar Days)

2. These Percentages are Dynamic – not Static

                                  HRS-I                      HRS-II                  

                                  -------                        -------

Basic Plan             4.5 %  Static          4.00 % Dynamic  
Premium Plan       5.5 %  Static          4.25 % Dynamic  
VIP Plan                6.5 %  Static          4.50 % Dynamic

What does that mean for you?

We all know that in any businesses, there are Days with Very High Profits and then, there are Days with more Moderate Profits. At times, there are some days with No Profits at all, or even some Losses.

Therefore a “flexible” (or “dynamic”) return, based on actual real trading/sales profits of the day, is a more realistic approach to defining and paying out Rebates.

Forex is very volatile; it's never possible to predict exactly what will happen. Naturally there are days or certain trades, when I trade at a loss. That is part of the territory.

Yet up till now, with our “fixed” or “static” rebates model, I continued to pay and that is one of several reasons why HRS-1 became weakened. In HRS-II, we will dynamically “slide” the % up or down, depending on how well we do in the market (both Advertising Profits and Trading).

On weekends there is no trading, so no profits are generated. Again in HRS-1, I continued to pay. This now has stopped (luckily – and thank you for letting me make this big shift), because it would have been unrealistic and irresponsible of me if I would have kept doing this. (Plus I also need time to rest and spend time with my kids and my family).

4. HRS-II is much more “intelligent” and “real”.

With HRS-II we are now paying Rebates in accordance with trading results and the levels of sales of advertising. And I am happy to say – we are off to a good start.

- A really good day of trading or heavy sales volume will allow me to rebate “slightly more” that day than the aimed Profit %.

- On a poor trading day or if loss was incurred you may see little or no rebates delivered that day.

- This dynamic adaptation may also be adjusted from time to time with Extra Bonuses

5. Profit Generated Monday through Friday

Trading is suspended on weekend days, meaning that no profits are generated from Forex over that time and no rebates will be posted to accounts. This is therefore the perfect time to allow HRS management and staff to also be able to take a break.

What does that mean?

Instead of the 7 Days per Week  (in HRS-1)  we now have 5 Days per  Week (in HRS-2). Business Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

So, in order to Complete a Full Cycle of 30 Business Days, (30 / 5 days per week) it takes 6 weeks to complete (6 weeks of 7 days) or 42 days  to complete.

6. As in HRS-1, HRS-II also operates with a “Purchase Payback %”

A Purchase Payback Percentage means that a Portion of your Purchase Cost is paid back over the time of the Cycle (30 Business Days).

Since we are talking about 30 “active” Business Days – that means that your original purchase money is paid back in portions of 1/30th per business day  (over the cycle of 30 business days) that means that 3.33333% of the PayOut per day is Purchase Cost Payback.

  • You Purchased $1,000 worth of AdPacks
  • That $1,000 is your “Original Purchase Cost”
  • Everyday 1/30th  (of the $1,000) will be Paid back as Purchase Cost PayBack
  • therefore  $33.33 of your Daily Profit would be the Daily Cost PayBack
  • and $33.33 paid every day – for 30 days – would result into $1,000

7. What does that compare to in Net Daily Profit?
  • 4.00% Basic Plan         = actually   4.00 - 3.333 =  0.667 % Net Daily Profit
  • 4.25% Premium Plan   = actually   4.25 - 3.333 =  0.917 %  Net Daily Profit
  • 4.50% VIP  Plan           = actually   4.50 - 3.333 =  1.167 %  Net Daily Profit

These are very “Realistic” and “Achievable” Percentages of Return. Therefore they will contribute (as one of the many factors) to the longevity of HRS-II

On some days we will perform much better than that – and we may pay more. On some days we will perform less than that – and we may pay less but on average, we should be able to realize this for a long long time to come.

As in HRS-1, you can use your Earnings, and your Commissions to Re-Purchase more AdPacks every day. Each new AdPack Purchase starts its own 30 (business) day Cycle.

8. Last but not least: The first Payouts

The first payouts of our new HRS-II System “have been paid already”

It is just fantastic to see and experience the Enthusiasm and Gratitude that comes with People Getting Paid.
9. Withdrawals till Midnight, Thursday June 20th – London Server Time

There is still time till Midnight Tonight to do a Withdrawal. So if you would like to “Test the Waters” and feel what it feels like to get paid,  then go ahead. Just log in and submit your Withdrawal request.
Over the next few days, Analie will pick the day of the week which will then be the Permanent withdrawal day.
Right now, and for the next few weeks, the following weekly withdrawal limits are in place:

- One withdrawal request per member

- Choose from Rebates or Commissions

- Request up to $500 per week

The usual 70/30 rule applies; 30% of the requested amount will be placed into your Repurchase Balance and the remaining 70% will be processed for sending to your payment processor.
As HRS-II is completely falling into place then we will see about increasing the limits.

Tomorrow, and in the next Updates, we will talk about:

“The 300-500% Limits on the Earnings”, “The Instructions for PIF Accounts”, and some other subjects.

So, see you tomorrow, for the next update   :)

Analie Steinway

Oh, by the way....
Many Members have asked if there is another Website or Website Address for HRS-II...  the Site is the Same, the Login is the Same... and for right now, the looks is the Same - we are "saving up budget" to then do an HRS-II new look makeover... but first we want to make sure that our Members are paid promptly. And our HRS-I site is a great looking site to work in, anyways.

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