Sunday, June 2, 2013

New update for June the 2nd

Hi friends!

Just to let you know about the new HourlyRevShare update. Here it goes:
Dear HRS Family,

It has been a long time since I gave you a written update, for this I apologize and I want to offer an assurance that I will communicate more regularly from now on, like I used to. The issues that have affected my personal life have been overwhelming and have affected my ability to focus on HourlyRevShare as much as I should have.

I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding (from most of you) during these difficult last few weeks. It is due to the automated payout script that payouts were able to continue during this time, which has been good, but the fact that some members are still waiting on payouts from 16th April is something that I want to address as soon as possible, now that I am back working more like normal again.

Yes, there are delays with payouts, but I want to assure you, even if it takes some time, everyone will be paid. In the coming week, we will be working through issues and options, then next week we will issue an other update letter outlining further details of what action we are going to take.

In the meantime, I will be disabling automation starting this week so that I have control over payout order of processing. This is so that I can address oldest outstanding payout requests.

Some of you are out of patience. I understand that, and again, those who are truly unhappy and do not wish to continue with HRS can ask for a refund. Refunds will be based on profit standing and will apply to accounts in which external funds were used to purchase Adpacks in the beginning, and only on those which have not yet achieved break-even. In-Profit accounts are not eligible for a refund.

Statistic: for the 5 days from 27th – 31st May, payouts amounted to $700 000.

During this week I will be reviewing all aspects of the business and making some decisions on those areas that are either inefficient or insufficiently controlled. It is my wish to keep HRS going and continuing to pay. This will require some adjustments and these will be made with the wellbeing of the members and the program in mind. They will not be rash decisions, but determinations reached after thorough consideration.

In keeping with the adjustments that I am considering, please be aware that our Terms and FAQs will be updated accordingly, once they are finalized. Additionally, the How It Works page will be completed and released, and Terms for Banner and Text Ads Submission will also be posted.

Work continues on resolving tickets, some of the responses have been delayed due to my unavailability. Moni and I will work through those tickets that require my input for resolution, starting with the oldest waiting tickets.

We have also decided that as of next week, we will implement the use of the 5 digit PIN so that members may once again take care of profile updates like payprocessor and email updating themselves. This will relieve pressure on HelpDesk, and also speed up the process so members are not left waiting for changes to be made. Now that we have the PIN set up for PIF we can also use it for ID verification for profile changes.

I really want to say “Thank You” to everyone who has sent me supportive and caring messages, prayers and well wishes in the last few weeks, especially since my son's accident. It means so much to me to have your support and it gives me strength and has helped me get through this nightmare. For that I am truly grateful.

Some people have been less kind, posting nasty comments about myself, Moni and Dr Lieven in the forums. Never have I seen so many untruths and misguided statements, hurtful and vicious comments and outright lies. Very sad to see. I wonder what miserable lives some people must lead to be able to come up with these vile comments. It is not for these people that we work.

I also want to make a special mention to those team leaders out there who continue to guide and reassure in some cases very significant downlines through their own team and group webinars etc. I truly appreciate and am honored by your support and loyalty throughout out this challenging time. Holding webinars and team meetings without information to share cannot have been easy and I congratulate you on your efforts. You are all rockstars.

With much love and respect,

Analie Steinway

Let's see what is going to happen... Fingers crossed. I think I don't have any fingers left to cross anymore ;P

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