Thursday, June 20, 2013

New update for 06.20.2013

Hello friends!

This is the new update for today. I don't have time today to edit the update so I'll just copy/paste is into this post with all the annoying capital letters in it... sorry about that:
Hi Everyone,

Wow… What a Ride….

Today we were going to discuss - “The Earnings Percentages, etc.”
- but instead I want to address some more Urgent Issues,  then
tomorrow we can do - “The Earnings Percentages, etc.”

I want to keep this NEWS-UPDATE short and simple.


Well… we have a whole load of Members (those who never got paid in HRS-I) who are now DELIGHTED to find that they have START-UP FUNDS in HRS-II (equivalent to their Original Purchases).

We do know that there are some errors in the Transfer – some of you have a ZERO Balance, when in fact you DID bring in Original Funding and you did not receive any PAY-OUTS. For these cases, we have a Special Section in our HelpDesk for you to submit to:

Please go to and submit your ticket to category “SEED ADPACKS MISSING”. Be sure to include your correct HRS username, the transaction ID and date of your transaction and specify whether it was funding of your wallet or a purchase of adpacks.

PLEASE be careful to select the right category. If you submit it to another category, it will take longer for your issue to be dealt with.

IMPORTANT: Please use a Gmail address on your ticket, this will ensure that you receive our response and we will also be able to update your profile at the same time. Two birds with one stone.

NOW... because this is worth repeating and for simplicity's sake, because not everyone takes the time to read and understand the updates, here are the nuts-and-bolts:

GROUP 1 – who received more in Payouts than their Original Purchase (those in profit)
GROUP 2 – who received NO Payouts (who otherwise would have lost money)
GROUP 3 – who only received some Payouts, but less than their Original Spend

Now in your Back-Office you should find:

GROUP 1 – will find a ZERO BALANCE

                     Example: Bill purchased with $1,000
                     Bill already got paid 10 times @ $300 each, for a total of $3,000
                     so he will find $0.00 (zero) active Ad Packs in his New HRS-II Account

 GROUP 2 – will find 100% of their Original Funding Deposit

                     Example: John purchased with $1,000
                     John never received any Payouts
                     so he will find $1,000 in active Ad Packs in his New HRS-II Account

 GROUP 3 – will find their Original Funding Deposit – (minus) their Payouts

                      Example: Mary purchased with $1,000
                      Mary received 3 Payouts of $100 each, for a total of $300
                      so she will find $700 in active Ad Packs in her New HRS-II Account

Anyone whose account is not in keeping with one of these 3 categories has a problem that requires a ticket. Mostly, this will be missing ad packs. If that applies to your account, please follow the instructions about to submit your claim to HelpDesk. You should allow a few days for us to process your ticket. Please note that you won't hear from us until we have resolved your issue, unless we require more information from you.

If you make any changes, your ticket goes back to the end of the line and it will take longer for us to process your correction.

2. HRS-II is Welcomed and obviously TRUSTED

I want to thank all the Members and New Members who have already Purchased New Ad Packs with FRESH FUNDING. I really appreciate seeing such an abundance of Trust and Commitment.

ALL DAY, New Fresh Money has been POURING in – from everywhere around the globe. That is great, cause these are the FUNDS we will start to TRADE with and it’s in part THESE FUNDS that will allow us to PAY YOU great Profits.

YOUR Purchases are a tremendous MOTIVATION for me and a CONFIRMATION that we have a PLAN with HRS-II that will be FULLY EMBRACED by the MARKET PLACE. And that is important.

Wait till people start receiving their FIRST withdrawals – we will all CELEBRATE together.

Which brings me to the next point....

3. TOMORROW… anyone who wishes can already WITHDRAW

That’s Right!

As a SPECIAL EFFORT to show how much we care…. if any of the People who have not ever been Paid Yet by HourlyRevShare would like to withdraw already some of the Early Earnings… then, by all means,… BE MY GUEST – tomorrow – THURSDAY (all day till Midnight)  YOU CAN WITHDRAW.

We do limit withdrawals to $500 and I can’t wait TO GET THEM PAID. So Expect FAST PAY-OUTS!!!

Point of Note:  Bankwire withdrawals remain at $1500, same as always.

Then, in the next couple days, we will decide on the DAY of the WEEK that will become our REGULAR WEEKLY WITHDRAWAL DAY. No need to ask which day – we will announce it. And we will keep the SAME DAY, every week… so it will be EASY TO REMEMBER.


Yes, you have. We simply COULD NOT transfer the Earned Commissions. We know that some were based on Fresh Cash Funds, however, a large majority of the Commissions were on the basis of over-inflated RE-PURCHASING. Plus, we simply do not have the AVAILABLE RESERVES, to CARRY OVER these COMMISSIONS.

I do understand that this is a SET BACK and a TOUGH SACRIFICE for those Members who have put a lot of effort into Building Teams and bringing in people with Significant Funds.

However, you must understand, that our FIRST PRIORITY is to make sure that ALL OF THESE PEOPLE are able to CONTINUE into HRS-II. So each of the people who you referred, will find their HRS-II Account loaded with Active Adpacks,  as per above agreement.

And that means that YOUR PEOPLE WILL NOT LOOSE anything.

AND YOU INHERIT THE ENTIRE GENEALOGY… (imagine had HRS shut its doors, you would have lost them all). Every PURCHASE with FRESH FUNDS that they make, YOU WILL earn NEW COMMISSIONS. And Yes, those COMMISSIONS – you CAN let them Earn Profit as well – or you can Withdraw them. That is your choice.

Now, also keep in mind that with our NEW SYSTEM of 300-500% Limit on Earnings, EACH HRS-II Member who wants to CONTINUE to generate PROFIT will RE-PURCHASE  - with Fresh External Funds – NEW ADPACKS. And that means that YOU WILL EARN new Commissions, over and over again, which truly will result into a Massive Stream of Residual Profit for you.

So, YES, we LOSE some of our Efforts – of work done in the past few months – but we trade it for MUCH MUCH BETTER PROFIT and MORE PROFIT in the weeks and months ahead.


You already know that we will NOT DO PIF in HRS-II. We had too many problems and too much abuse of PIF in HRS-I… so we have “learned our lesson”,  no sense in repeating our mistake again.

We WILL, however, ACCOMMODATE those Members who PAID CASH FUNDS or WIRED MONEY to their Sponsor, so that their Account will also be FUNDED into HRS-II.

There will be strict controls around this, and it will be done MANUALLY. Accounts and claims will be examined carefully on a Case by Case basis, since we know that there was a lot of Fake Accounts that were Super Charged with PIF Funds.

Tomorrow we will tell you precisely what YOU (as the Sponsor) and YOU (as the PIF RECIPIENT) will need to do, in order to APPLY for a PIF-FUNDING CONSIDERATION.

6. We still have a lot to cover…

I want to THANK the MODERATORS in the Facebook Group

* in tomorrow's Update, we WILL talk about accounts that were started with PIF Funds.

Also, we will talk about “The Earnings Percentages, etc.”

Then, we will also talk about:
- “The First Withdrawals
- “The First Payouts
- “The 300-500% Limits on the Earnings”
- “The New Flexible Percentages (instead of Static)”
and several other subjects.

On that note, until tomorrow's update......

With love
Analie Steinway
So, as I was expecting I'm in the Group 1. I did not remember how much I put into HourlyRevShare but if I remember right it was $80. I got paid $102 so I'm in profit and I think it is fine to start from $0 again. If I'm going to put back money into HRS... I'll have to think about it but as this was a fair move I think I will. Still have to contact my downline to let them know about this and check if they have got their money credited ;)

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