Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two new updates...

Hi there!

I just logged into into my HourlyRevShare account to withdraw funds but I got a message telling that today there are no withdrawals. Then I saw a new announcement in the update window. Clicked on it and there were two new updates there:

You will have noticed that for the last
two weeks we have enabled withdrawals
on Wednesday instead of Tuesdays.

Analie has decided to make this a permanent

This means from this week forward, the
withdrawal window will open at midnight
Tuesday night, London time and run for the
24 hours till midnight Wednesday night, London

This is the same as midnight Tuesday to midnight
Wednesday as shown on the dashboard in your
back office.

Please ensure that your downlines are informed
and understand what it means in their timezone.

Best wishes


Happy to announce the site is now back
up and running. Here's what we did:

When we unpaused the site on the 21st,
there was some disruption to some members'
accounts, where almost 9000 plans paid way
beyond the normal returns. This was due to
massive load on the site.

We identified those accounts affected and today
we removed the extra rebates that had been paid
on these overinflated plans.

All plans are now correct. A small number of
members may now see an amended balance
in their rebates, and plans purchased with
excessive rebates removed, as a result.

Please be patient as you access the site,
everyone is trying to get in to buy and there
is currently heavy load. If you get an error
message, please try again in a little while.

Good to read the the site is now back 100%, or this is what I understand from this update. I'll have to wait till tomorrow to request my withdrawal ;)

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