Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HourlyRevShare huge update :O

Hi there friends!

I just logged into my HourlyRevShare account to withdraw some funds, as today it is withdrawal day, to find out that there are no more withdrawals and to find this huge update; scroll down if you just want to know the important stuff ;) :
Dear HRS Family,

These past few days have been very intense, with ongoing detailed discussions and profound reviewing of all aspects and consequences of our HRS business systems and I want to thank you all for your extended patience while we work through these essential steps. It is a massive task and I don't want to make the wrong decisions, so am taking the necessary time to think very thoroughly about every detailed and contributing component.

I have not been alone in this

Dr. Lieven, Connie and Moni have supported me immensely and tirelessly in these demanding deliberations, and together we have made massive and solid headway into what will be the new framework of HRS-II. We have some way to go yet, as there has been a huge input of very helpful suggestions from several brilliant, caring and experienced members that is also being taken into consideration.

Dr. Lieven's Polls and several of the Threads on his FB group have been extremely helpful in showing me more of what “you” - the members think, expect and really want.

I am aware that this is only a small sample of the membership as a whole,... however, it is for sure a core segment that is willing to “Actively Participate and Pro-Actively Contribute”... thus, these Members give me some significant insight. And I really appreciate all of your input and efforts. If you would like to also share your voice or vote, then go ahead and join Dr. Lieven’s Facebook Group (* however, keep in mind that Dr. Lieven does not tolerate any Complaining, or any Insulting Posts - and he - and his team of Moderators - rightfully will remove any person who does not respect HRS - that is very fair and wise on his part - too many programs have been smudged and damaged by some of these overly critical people)

Actually these on-going, almost “live bio-feedback loops” will become a very crucial and intricate part of our survival, thriving and successful longevity.

While it's not possible to implement everyone's suggestions, there has been much useful food for thought, and it has given me some new brilliant understanding. Because of that, we will for sure continue to use these Social Networks as a “finger on the pulse” and as an “umbilical connection” with our membership. That sort of “intra-communication” has shown to be very helpful, and will continue to allow us to be better informed on both sides.

Some changes are not easy

The significant and detailed changes we have settled on, up to this point (and yes, there will be more ongoing refinements in coming days and weeks) have not been decided on lightly.

For me, whereas it has been impossible to keep my human emotions out of these decisions (because I know all too well that they affect many lives of families around the globe - and especially in these challenging economic and changing times) at the same time, staying focused on what makes practical and achievable sense for the overall business' longevity and dynamic stability. I realise that things cannot stay the way they are, this is plainly obvious, and more than anything, I need to put new and more refined formulas in place that will allow us to continue to pay everyone promptly, yet within the levels of actual profit which we have been able to generate at any given moment.

How did we get here?

It’s a little bit, like if we get “exhausted” or if we get a “bit overweight”, or if we get into a “depression”... we don’t always notice this developing or creeping in along the way or have full awareness of its gradual development. Yet at some point, it becomes Painfully Obvious. And that is the time we need to look back, and evaluate how we got here.

And there are many, many factors involved... too many to explain them all in detail. Dr Lieven has kindly offered to write this section for me.

Some overestimation

Besides some of the Big External Blows and Challenges (which you have read about in the Newsletters and heard about in the Webinars), one of Analie's most beautiful Character Traits has also added to the "Weakening" of HRS. And this sounds like a contradiction or paradox, but in reality is precisely this “combination of forces of duality”.

That is - Analie’s huge trust in people and her nearly unstoppable wish to help people. This has lead to 2 Over-Estimations:

- that some members come to purely "demand" to get paid, in the laziest of ways, while complaining and bad mouthing the company and the people behind it

- that some members have taken "wind advantage" of some of the Facilities, like the PIF feature, which has resulted into too much Demand on HRS

Some underestimation

There are also internal good intentions that have lead to some of the Weakening of HRS-I

The underestimation which severely weakened HRS has been with the nearly unlimited "Power of Compounding".

As all of you have been able to observe inside your HRS Account - and with the Compounding Calculator, Compounding is immensely powerful. No wonder Einstein called it the 8th World Wonder (and he added: "He who understands it, earns it - and He who doesn't, pays it)

We all know that the accounts have grown way too big and way too fast (primarily due to theoretical over-compounding / no longer matched with actual and achievable profit generation). That is why we first attempted a reduction or limitation of the Withdrawals - ‘cause no company,... not even with Multi-Billionaire reserves, could have continued to pay out these Inflated Earnings .

So, what was underestimated, is that this same "Immense Force of Compounding" works as much in reverse (destructive power) as in the forward (constructive power).

Let me Explain:

A Compounding Calculator is an accurate but only a theoretical calculation.

If one could Invest in Forex (or in whatever place of investment) with only financial growth, and with a constant growth factor, then the Compounding Calculator would be 100% the way it would show.

But, we all know, that that is not the case, and that that is not forex... or for that matter any form of investment. Even Real Estate goes through constant ups and downs and so do the Prices of Gold and Silver, and so do the different currencies.

The power of Compounding in Reverse

So... every minute, or every hour, or every day - that a loss (or even a reduction of profit) is incurred - that automatically and practically leads to the Power of Compounding working in Reverse.

And that is what leads to an Account becoming theoretically big, while the real capacity to match the Payout has actually lowered.

Therefore, HRS-II will much more Carefully take this Dynamic Fluctuation into account, and make sure that we have a constant adaptability towards this external reality.

Thanks to Dr Lieven for this explanation.

There simply was not enough Profit

Generation of those profits has been very challenging in recent times. Aside from my own personal issues, which should have no bearing on the business, but have nonetheless, I have sustained losses due to a number of factors that I will not go into here, save to say that these losses impacted my ability to generate the necessary profits to be able to satisfy all withdrawal requests in a timely manner.

I really regret this, but some of it has been way beyond anything that I could control. I have learned that the original business model which I have used up until now was not as strong and especially not as dynamic as it is needed to be in this ever changing and volatile marketplace. Even the shutdown of Liberty Reserve has had an immense and devastating impact on many programs.

Therefore now, I have no choice but to rectify what has gone wrong, and make essential adaptations so that we can deliver the stable and resilient platform that all members deserve.

And yes... I'm fully 100% absolutely committed to just that.

Serious changes to achieve the essential

I know that most of you wish me well, and that you want HRS to continue, and are willing to accept that there must be some serious changes in order for us to continue to operate. Feedback that I have received through Skype, email and also from the FB groups has shown this quite clearly, so I feel heartened by that.

So, while not everyone will understand or appreciate some of the changes we will be making, they are necessary, crucial even, for HRS to stand and deliver going forward.

The bottom line is that I want to be able to pay everyone who requests a withdrawal within an acceptable timeframe, for a long time going forward. My dream has been, and many of you know this, to make HRS strong and stable, to be able to last for the next 5 – 10 years. I still want that for us all. But in order to achieve it, things must change. With that in mind, here are the initial overreaching changes that I see as being essential not only to our continued survival but also our capacity to thrive and regain a successful growth.

So, let’s take a look,
what that practically means:

In the new upgraded HRS-II model

1) A new and more moderate R.O.A. Profit %

The percentages paid on Ad Packs will be moderated as follows:

------- -------
Basic Plan 4.5 % Static 4.0 % Dynamic
Premium Plan 5.5 % Static 4.5 % Dynamic
VIP Plan 6.5 % Static 5.0 % Dynamic

in the HourlyRevShare model, the original cost is paid back in portions of 1/30th per day (over 30 days) so that is 3.33333% of the PayOut per day is cost payback

4.0% Basic Plan = actually 4.0 - 3.333 = 0.667 % Net Daily Profit

4.5% Premium Plan = actually 4.5 - 3.333 = 1.167 % Net Daily Profit

5.0% VIP Plan = actually 5.0 - 3.333 = 1.667 % Net Daily Profit

2) Dynamic Profit % vs Static (fixed) Profit %

Many of you have suggested that a flexible return based on trading/sales profits would be a more realistic approach to rebates. Forex is very volatile, and it's never possible to predict exactly what will happen. Naturally there are days or certain trades, when I trade at a loss. That is part of the territory. Yet up till now, with our “fixed” or “static” rebates model, I have continued to pay. On weekends there is no trading, so no profits are generated, yet I have continued to pay. This now must stop, as it is unrealistic and irresponsible for me to keep doing this.

Under our new structure, rebates will be paid in accordance with trading results and the levels of sales of advertising.

- After a really good days trading or heavy sales volume it will allow me to rebate “slighty more” that day, than the aimed Profit %.

- On a poor trading day or if loss was incurred you may see little or no rebates delivered that day.
- This dynamic adaptation may also be adjusted from time to time with Extra Bonuses

3. Limitation of Profit Cap
(Passive 300% »»» 500% based on Sponsoring)

Immediately implement 300% Max Cash withdrawal (without Sponsoring) up to 500% Max Cash withdrawal (based on Sponsored $)

As soon that the Maximum is reached (300% »» 500%)

Everyone must spend fresh cash to get more.


ie... if $1,000 spent without Sponsoring » max $3,000
that member can then spend another $1,000 if they wish

The Increase in % (from 300% on Upwards to 500%) should be based on the  amount of Money that is introduced by Directly Sponsored people

ie... if $1,000 spent + $1,000 Sponsored » profit could go to 400%
max $4,000

(this example is based on an algorithm that says, if the member gets equivalent money from sponsoring equal to their own spend = extra 100%)

ie... if $1,000 spent + $2,000 Sponsored » profit could go to 500% max $5,000

(this example is based on an algorithm that says, if the member gets double money from sponsoring equal to their own spend = extra 200%)

This is the proposed formula for now, but there may be a simpler formula
as long as the % is capped and the Sponsoring Member should be rewarded
with a Higher % than the passive one. I will work on this in coming days and weeks.

4) Profit Generated Monday through Friday

Trading is suspended on weekend days, meaning that no profits would be generated from Forex over that time and no rebates would be posted to accounts. This is therefore the perfect time to allow HRS management and staff to also be able to take a break.

5) No Commissions on Internal Repurchases

Commissions will be paid only on purchases made with external funding, not with company-generated funding such as rebates or commission balances, including PIF.

6) New Rules relating to PIF

As of the release of the PIF feature, limits will be in place regarding who may receive PIF from their sponsor's account and criteria will apply.

a) the PIF amount is limited to $500 per person

b) you can only select 1 PIF Beneficiary per week (that is 52 people in a year)

c) a new referral must make a qualifying purchase of at least $500 to be eligible for PIF. This is a provisional amount, to which I will give more consideration in the next short while.

d) If the new PIF Recipient is not in a position to purchase the provisional minimum to qualify for PIF, the sponsor may pay for them, by way of making a cash purchase of Ad Packs which can then be assigned to the referrals account. This may take the form of a voucher system. This will still allow the sponsor to help the referral to get started while pay-processor verifications are underway.

PIF should be regarded as what it was originally intended as, a kind gesture to help another person in need, not a black market commodity for trading against cash. There will be no more abuse of the PIF system.

Now here is the Tough Part...

How do we Transition from HRS-I » HRS-II

A slow gradual Transition is not a good Option:

One of the careful considerations was to see if we could somehow slowly or gradually fade out of the Current HRS Model, into a New Upgraded HRS-II Model. In other words, we could attempt to keep HRS-original alive and keep it going as long as possible. And yes, we could continue to make payouts - however, it would take a long time to fulfil them all.

On the other hand, we really wanted and felt we needed the New Adapted HRS-II System in place, as soon as possible....

Finally, after a lot of reflection, rather than dragging out an Existing Non-Working Model... we’ve decided to make a more radical yet much more efficient solution, and that is to end the Current HRS Model and thus allow the Immediate Integration of the Refined, much more Dynamic yet Robust New Upgraded HRS-II Model.

Any radical decision to end and let go of an Existing Model naturally provokes Upset. It’s almost like going to a Funeral of someone we have come to love and appreciate. However, in doing so, we permit the Immediate birth of what we believe will be a much more better model and one that is structured for long lasting Vitality – one where the underlying dynamics are wisely structured to withstand any “weather changes or even be able to survive heavy storms”.

7) The Best Option: Account Resets

Resetting all the accounts may not be the most Pleasant Option in the Moment, but it is by far the more efficient Option for the Transition, as well as the Better Option for a quicker realization of a Solid Future.

There will be a number of fundamental platform changes that will be explained as they come on board, and meanwhile everyone must now understand it is time to “reset” the accounts to a point that is compatible with sustainable parameters that are being determined.

“Start-up Funding” for the new system will be determined by
a) the amount of original external funding that was put in place
b) plus any amount of external funding that was added along the way

This Reset will honor each member fairly by assigning active ad packs according to the extent of original and add-on participation. This means that upon reset, your account will contain active ad packs equal to the amount of funding you have added from your payment processor(s). These ad packs will begin earning at the prescribed rate as soon as the new system is activated.

I expect that this realignment of accounts will take place towards the end of this week, at the latest by Monday 17th.

A Word of Advice: Naturally, some information in the Newsletter may make sense to you, right-away. And some of it may not. And even some of it may feel like a shock, or a pleasant surprise or may feel upsetting. All of that is "OK" - and you are "OK". So it is, when we are just coming face-to-face with any Revolutionary new Idea or Concept.

The tip is - give yourself the time to "Let it Sink in". Tomorrow, Read it again... and then think about it again. Remember, this newsletter nor this Transformation was written to make a sweet first impression. The Entire HRS-II transformation has been designed with 1 objective: "To make sure we had a program that will be Dynamic and Robust Enough to lead us into the future, so we can all benefit from it, for years to come".

This objective has never been done successfully by Any Program of this nature, so far... So, yes, this design "is" radical, it is extreme and yet, at the core, it makes perfect sense. However, it may take a few days before you see that or fully understand that. Don't let yourself be fooled by some of the Early Shouters, who will claim and blame all sorts of things. That is typical with "Narrow Minded People, who encounter something Revolutionary Different". Just let them sing their song.

As with Mr. Tom Perkins, who did the Venture Capital for Google... it did not bother him that he was laughet at and that people tried to ridicule him. He knew where he was heading. Analie and her Team know where they are heading... and that is why she has had the courage to bring your HRS-II and she has the guts to make a radica fast transition towards it. After all, she could have just refunded all of you, and yet chose not to.

In the upcoming days, there will be lots of additional information to help you further fully understand HRS-II and its Benefits. There will be Webinars, and perhaps even a series of help videos. So, my advice is... rather than pounding out a thousand questions within the first hour... try to remember, it took Months to put this together... it may take you a few hours or even a few days to fully garsp its powerful benefits. We will be here, to help everyone come to a full understanding of HRS-II.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this letter, those who have helped me write it so that everyone can understand what I’m saying, in particular Dr Lieven who has a great way of explaining the complicated in a simple way. To everyone who has offered guidance and recommendations which have helped me to reach the decisions in this letter, I’m grateful and thank you very much.

I reserve the right to adjust any of the above conditions and features, should any of them prove to be either not in the best interest of the company or the members. The first two weeks under the new structure will be considered a trial period after which time I will firm up everything.

With much love and respect

Analie Steinway

So, to make it quite shorter:
  1. HRS 1 will be transformed into HRS 2 with no looking back.
  2. All the accounts will be reseted to the amount of ad packs you spend in the original HRS: This means that if you put $200 out of your pocket in your HRS account you will have that in ad packs in HRS 2, probably deducting what you have successfully withdrawed.
  3. There will not be fixed earnings but dynamically changing earnings depending on the revenue generated.
  4. Commissions will only be paid from Mo. to Fr. no earnings on weekends.
  5.  Max you can earn from your purchased ad packs is 300% passively; means that if you spend $100 you can max earn $300. then you'll need to spend more money to keep earning.
  6. PIF is limited to one beneficiary per week (52 per year) and it need to make a purchase of $500 to qualify for PIF.
I think this is god news even if I will lose the money I currently have in my account. I've also withdrawn money so I will not get all the money I put into HRS at the beginning.  Anyway I think if this is going to help the program and the members on the long run it is something that need to be done ;)
Let's see what happens ;)

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